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M1 is infinitely less expensive than other brokerages.

We charge no management fees or commissions, so your money can work harder for you. After all, every dollar you don’t pay in fees is another dollar in your pocket, to spend or further compound for your future.

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Put every penny to work

Investing in only whole shares limits your wealth building potential, making diversification difficult and causing cash to sit idly in your account where it can’t accrue value. M1 uses fractional shares, so you’re always fully invested — down to the penny.

Tax-efficient investing

M1 tax-efficient investing uses a lot allocation strategy when selling securities to help reduce the amount owed on taxes. Here’s how it works:

You request a withdrawal from your M1 account.

Our algorithm determines which securities to sell, based on target allocations.

We then sell securities, prioritizing them in this order:

  1. Losses that offset future gains
  2. Lots that result in long-term gains
  3. Lots that result in short-term gains

After executing the sale, we transfer the funds to your bank account.

Discover better returns

Starting today with a portfolio of: $25,000
With a monthly deposit of: $500
Over 20 years you would save: $34,626

How do we calculate these numbers?
Returns are calculated using an assumed 5% growth rate with fees removed.
M1 Finance
Traditional Advisors (~1% fee)

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When you refer a friend to M1, we’ll give you each $10 to invest. All you need is your unique referral code!

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The lowest cost way to borrow

Need money for a major purchase or looking to refinance your debt? Discover a new, less expensive way to borrow money than the average mortgage, HELOC, auto loan, and personal loan with M1 Borrow.

Credit card debt1
Student loan2
5.05 - 7.6%
Auto loan1
4.79 - 5.37%
4.29 - 4.92%
M1 Borrow4
Rates were obtained on Oct 1, 2018 from the following websites:
1. Credit card debt, HELOC, auto loan, mortgage:
4. M1 Borrow interest rate is based on the federal interest rates and is subject to change if and when federal rates change.

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