Taking Stock

For the modern investor.

Investing goals for every age

As your life changes, so should your financial objectives. That’s why we’ve outlined the best goals for investing in every stage of life — from early adulthood to approaching retirement.

Investing with M1: Simple, Convenient … and Now Free

On behalf of the entire team at M1 Finance, I’m thrilled to announce a dramatic reduction in our pricing. M1 is now free. We are now the absolute lowest cost investing option, complementing our capabilities as the only platform where you can automatically invest in a custom portfolio. Same innovative platform, no cost As I wrote a few months ago, I […]

Finance is full of gimmicks

Financial gimmickry won’t help America’s savings crisis. M1 Finance’s CEO Brian Barnes shares his POV in Business Insider on what will help you save better.

Guest Post: The Cash Cow Couple

We recently sat down with Jacob Lumby of the Cash Cow Couple. Jacob and his wife Vanessa have a passion for personal finance and try to help others achieve financial independence with their blog. The team has previously reviewed M1 Finance, and we wanted to learn more about Jacob’s unique perspective on investing. 1. How did you and Vanessa first become […]

The whole truth about fractional shares

You can own all of it — one piece at a time Have you heard about the Stanford Professor who turned $100,000 into $1,000,000,000? David Cheriton, a computer sciences professor, met Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD students. Cheriton was impressed with Page and Brin’s business plan and gave them some invaluable advice: “Money doesn’t turn anything into […]

Why Chicago is the best city to launch a fintech company

I recently had the opportunity to write an op-ed for Crain’s Chicago Business on why I chose Chicago to launch M1 in and why I believe Chicago will continue to thrive as an innovative global fintech hub. Originally published in Crain’s on July 12, 2017: “Chicago’s aim to become a 21st-century fintech center is at best limping along.” Such was […]

What I taught my kids about savings and hard work

This is part one of a two-part series about teaching your children sound financial habits that will last a lifetime. I recently read an Op-Ed column that talked about the disservice we are paying younger adults because there are no more social structures to provide clear paths for them. That troubled me. I want my kids to forge their own […]