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Be invested in your career
Work should be
Tackle a substantial problem

At M1, we believe pursuing and potentially failing at something big and impactful is better than succeeding at something trivial and unimportant. People are poorly served by the financial sector – they’re given outdated products, charged excessive fees, intimidated by unnecessary jargon, and turned away if they are not wealthy enough. Our audacious goal is nothing short of changing the financial industry by offering a beneficial product at a low price.

Affect people's lives for the better

Everyone has to manage their finances and it's a difficult undertaking. Often people forgo the potential on their money because the task is so complicated. Our platform helps people invest to earn more money with little time commitment. That’s giving our users more money and time - this translates to gifts for kids, a needed vacation, a longer retirement, flexibility in your life… the possibilities are endless.

Make things more efficient

Technology and software has the power to remove waste from the system, which allows everyone to do more with less. By using the latest tools, we provide a sophisticated service for a fraction of the cost through other means. It also brings down the cost generally, making it more accessible for everyone.

Work alongside impressive individuals

We understand that great people are exponentially more productive than good people. Also, big undertakings require a coordinated effort of a strong team of these great people. We’ve assembled an incredible group of intelligent, talented, and motivated individuals that make every day exciting.

Control and autonomy in daily work

We want our employees to be as productive as possible, and often that involves getting out of their way. Every person at M1 has extremely broad levels of autonomy and decision making authority for their responsibilities. At M1, you get to strategize, scope, plan, and do the work.

Outcompete industry titans

We’ve got to be scrappy - we’re in a highly regulated field with many giant and well capitalized players. What we lack in size, we make up for in clever thinking, agile approach to problem solving, and the latest technology stack (which is the envy of the development world).

Our office is laid back by design

We think that people are more collaborative and innovative when they can be themselves, joke around, and be friendly with their fellow colleagues. Whether it’s a spontaneous game night in the office, beating our CEO at Whirlyball, or just grabbing lunch with your teammates, we enjoy not being stuffy.

Work doesn't feel like work

The work we do was made for weekend tinkerers and after work hobbyists. Seriously, our people do this work in their free time because that’s what they want to be doing. It just makes it all the better that they get paid for it.

We pay for strong performers

Great people will always be in high demand and we only want great people. While working at M1 means a more satisfying work-life, it does not involve a cut-back in lifestyle. We are committed to pay in the high range of competitive market salaries.

Everyone's an owner

We want all our employees to think and act like owners of the company - so we make them one. The upside potential of M1 is enormous and we want our employees to share in the success they help create.

We're looking for insanely talented people
to join our growing team.

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