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Automatic Rebalancing
Keep Your Investments On Track

It has never been easier to Be Invested. With automatic rebalancing, every time you deposit money, your portfolio is intelligently kept in alignment with your investing plan.

How Does Automatic rebalancing work?

Every time money flows into your M1 Pie, either through new contributions or dividend deposits, M1 will direct those funds appropriately into underweighted slices. This brings those slices up to the allocation levels you chose when you created your Pie. As the size of your slices change over time due to normal market drift, you can keep your investments properly balanced through new contributions and automatic rebalancing.

Illustration of portfolio rebalancing
Illustration of weight balancing stocks and ETFs
Rebalance With One Click

If you want to manually rebalance your Pie, instead of performing dozens of manual trade calculations, just click a single button. The manually rebalance feature is always available. You can also edit your Pie at any time if you wish to change those allocations. Please note that the Pie will not actually rebalance until the next trade window, once new funds have been added or once the rebalance action has been selected.

How Do I Initiate a Rebalance?

*Manually rebalancing may result in the sale of overweight securities, which could have tax consequences. Please make sure you consider possible tax liabilities before manually rebalancing.

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