Personal Finance

Investing is only part of the equation. Improve all aspects of your personal finances with tips and tricks from the M1 Finance team.

Do you really need a financial advisor?

It’s been nearly 27 years since the World Wide Web went live to the general public — that’s more than a quarter century of virtually unlimited, free information at our fingertips. In the years since, we’ve made even further technological strides, allowing information and innovative new tools to be increasingly accessible and available on-the-go. So why — 27 years later […]

Avoid these 5 common investing mistakes at all costs

Earlier this week, I shared 3 tips for how to choose stocks. Knowing what not to do, however, can be equally important. Steer clear of these five common investing mistakes when building your portfolio: Thinking any investment is a sure thing. While markets generally trend upward, strange things can and do happen. Case in point: even the seemingly untouchable housing market came crashing […]

Which personal budgeting technique is right for you?

A well-thought-out personal budget should never feel limiting. A budget that fits your lifestyle and money habits should empower you to reach your financial goals, motivate you to make the most of your money, and give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve covered all your bases. After all, it’s tough to work toward any financial goal without charting where […]

Investing goals for every age

As your life changes, so should your financial objectives. That’s why we’ve outlined the best goals for investing in every stage of life — from early adulthood to approaching retirement.